Ventilation Guidelines

With temperatures fluctuating this time of year, ventilation can be tricky business.  Here’s some basic guidelines and checklists to keep your pigs healthy and you stress free.

room temperature curve guidelines

cfm output by fan
















Curtain Barn

1. Spread fans 1 degree per 10 CFM and max of 4 degree spread

2. Delay to drop curtain 2 degree after fans maxed out

3. Curtain timer

1. Off = 3 minutes

2. On = XX second to move 2″ to 3″ (site – specific calculation.)

4. Curtains move together, off probe average

Tunnel Barn

1. Fan spread = 10-12 degrees

2. Delay 3 degrees to go into tunnel

3. Leave in tunnel for 2 degrees

4. Target 300 ft./minute air speed in tunnel

5. Target <4 degree spread from end to end

6. Inlets close to 10% open in second stage tunnel setting


For a printable version of the information above with an easy Spring Ventliation Checklist, click here.

For additional questions on prepping your barn for spring, contact Hal Schmidt at 507.381.1340 or