Pipestone Management

Pipestone Management is helping pig farmers by providing resources and expertise in Management.

The independent pig farmer of today faces challenges different than the generations before them.

Managing a successful pig business today is both labor and capital intensive.

Pipestone Management offers farrow to finish management services to help pig farmers compete and grow in a consolidating industry.

Today over 450 farmers work with the Pipestone Management. We provide them management services while they maintain ownership of their pig business.

We’re a different kind of swine company, driven by a professional management team focused on animal health and production.

Labor-intensive breeding and farrowing can really wear one person down. Good genetics and modern sow barns require huge investments. Everybody knows today’s employee benefit package is too costly for a single farm family to absorb.

Our shareholders are family farmers staking a claim in the pork industry. Through common ownership in a sow farm, our local owners are provided a healthy baby pig and the opportunity to raise those pigs their own way and keep all their profits!

Here’s how we preserve livestock ownership close to home:

• Our Pipestone Management owners are family farmers with a stake in the farming communities surrounding our barns.
• The System brought them together. Few owners knew each other before they decided to invest in a new barn.
• Each owner receives an allotment of pigs based on shares owned and preferred schedule.
• Sow barn employees are hired, trained, compensated, and motivated through Pipestone Management.
• On their own, shareholders cannot tap economies of scale available through the System. Animal health products, feed, veterinary services, and employee benefit packages are all more cost-effective because of System buying power.
• Supervisors, veterinary professionals, and employees embrace System core values that emphasize ethical treatment for animals.
• Potential for career advancement within the System enables employees to stay close to home and close to the livestock industry they love.
• Our producer-owners epitomize sustainable agriculture when they use their own corn to feed their pigs and their own manure to feed their corn.
• Our owners put their money in our hands. We supply them with a thorough accounting for our stewardship of their investment.

Technical advisors can provide assistance in the barn at every stage of growth. From starting newly weaned piglets to harvest, our team focuses on advising clients on efficient and profitable production.

Review our All Inclusive, Nursery, and Finishing packages below to determine which package will best meet your needs.


• Consultation from wean to finish
• Production training by technical advisor
• Production analysis
• Feed budget management
• Accounting services
• Market logistics


Early pig care is one of the most important phases in swine production as it sets the tone for profitable pig growth. Our technical advisors focus on maximizing individual pig care and provide education and training protocols for your employees.


We work to maximize the overall profitability of your operation with the combination of proper pig selection and advanced knowledge of packer weight requirements. Pipestone Management provides market optimization tools to maximize your total pounds of pork and assist in the selection process at every level. Our technical advisors work with caretakers to develop the techniques and skills needed to select the correct animals, move, and load.

° Assistance coordinating a healthy weaned pig supply

° Work with short-term and long-term needs

° Access to over 70 sow farms across the Mid-West

° Intimate knowledge of pig flow and health protocols

For questions, please contact us at 507.825.7030

Managing a barn takes time, and too often production records get pushed to the end of the to-do list. Let us provide the records and reports so you can make the decisions and manage. We supply timely and accurate information that is simple to understand so you can review and make the decisions necessary to improve your bottom line.

Data integrity and management is the most important component when it comes to effectively benchmarking performance. This is just one of the reasons we chose to work with MetaFarms, the leading software for swine production reporting. This program gives us the capability to store the large volumes of data required for production records and provides fast and accurate results.


• Inventory management
• Daily environmental readings (temps, water usage)
• Daily treatments (now required by packers)
• Antibiotic use references


• Weekly reporting of mortality and sales
• Detailed closeouts with detailed feed ingredient information AND profit and loss report on the group
• Individual producer performance including easy to read graphs and tables of performance trends
• Quarterly benchmarking comparisons of key indicators among all entities in the database. Results are anonymous to protect producer confidentiality.

Meet the Farmers

“The way we were farrowing… it would’ve been tough to compete with the efficiencies of the large producer and
Pipestone allows us to do that and hopefully pass this farm on to the next generation.” – Ben Bader

“Pipestone Management was our avenue to get large blocks of good healthy pigs within a weeks age span.” – Dennis Fultz

“Back when we used to raise hogs it was erysipelas, rhinitis, things that with the Pipestone Management we can completely do away with.
The biosecurities that the Pipestone Management has put forward to our sow farms are top notch.” – John Jones

“Working with PIPESTONE has allowed us to associate with like-minded people who want to get better both individually and together,” Don said.– John Jones