Pipestone Emerging Leaders

What is a Pipestone Emerging Leader or PEL?

PEL is an accelerated training program in which candidates develop qualities of a future Pipestone Management Leader. We strive to build leaders from within, to help our progressive company continue its rapid growth.

Candidates in the PEL program are given the opportunity learn via online courses, hands-on while on the farm, as well as in the classroom while concentrating on farrowing, gestation or Gilt Development. The courses focus not only on production practices but also leadership management, employee management, and organizational skills. PELs are encouraged to experience various locations to see first hands different management styles and production facilities. Pipestone Management has taken the initiative to grow its leaders but realized that each PEL will grow at a different rate, so we have PELs starting at one of three different levels.

Pipestone Emerging Leaders will:

• Attain the aptitude to be a leader in the Pipestone Management

• Train in our top swine facilities

• Relocate to different areas and states to expand their horizons

• Learn all Production, Safety, Human Resources and Bio Security Protocols

• Develop leadership, management and organizational skills that will allow for effective interaction and the ability to communicate with employees of all levels of management, and our shareholders

• Train with experienced professionals in analyzing production issues and learning problem solving techniques to improve production

• Work with fun and energetic co-workers who are family oriented

• Be a part of a core group who interact well with each other and strive to be the best

• Exhibit a competitive spirit and enthusiasm as part of your daily adventures

• Have a challenging and rewarding career

• Live by Pipestone Management’s core values of



• A two to four-year degree in Animal Science or related agricultural field

• Livestock experience

• A passion to acquire an exciting career in the swine industry