Episode #60: Farrow OR Finish - Retrofitting Facilities


In this episode, Dr. Spencer Wayne sits down with Nick Fitzgerald, Director of Business Development for PIPESTONE for a great discussion on facilities.

The pair delve into essential considerations for optimizing swine farming operations. From wean-to-finish construction to barn remodeling and the repurposing of sow units, explore strategies and innovative solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency on your farm. Gain valuable insights into ventilation systems, flooring types, and the importance of expert consultation for successful project execution. If you are considering retrofitting your facilities, don’t miss out on this expert advice.

PIPESTONE’s mission is “Helping Farmers Today Create the Farms of Tomorrow.” The SwineTime podcast was created for pig farmers and individual pork producers around the country. Hosted by Dr. Wayne, the podcast contains pork industry news, advancements in animal care and how to enhance your productivity. Monthly podcasts are available on Pipestone.com and your favorite streaming platform.