Top 6 Swine Product FAQ's Answered!

FAQ picPipestone’s swine specialists are truly experts in their field, which is why producers across the Midwest trust them with questions on their swine products.  We’ve compiled a list of their Top 7 Frequently Asked Swine Questions Answered!  Get all the quick answers below and save yourself a call in the future.  Although we’d love to hear from you!

1.)    How do I keep water soluble medication in suspension in the medicator bucket?

Answer: Try agitation.  You can buy commercial agitator pumps or a simple fish tank aerator can sometimes do the trick.  The key is to have continuous movement to keep the medication from settling out, stay mixed, and keep from plugging the medicator.

2.)    My pigs have lumps that have developed at the injection site after I vaccinated them?

Answer: Sometimes, lumps will form if the product is given while cold.  To help, bring the injectable vaccine or antibiotic to room temperature prior to administering.  Also, make sure you are changing needles frequently enough to not be too dull or dirty.

3.)    How long do my pigs have to be off meds before I give oral vaccine?

Answer: Oral vaccine such as Ileitis, Salmonella, and Erysipelas are greatly affected by antibiotic residue.  To help them perform at their best, and to protect your investment, the manufactures state all meds must be removed from the feed and water for a MINIMUM of 3 days before AND after the medication is administered.  Additionally, the use of a stabilizer dye pack helps minimize water issues that could compromise the vaccine.

4.)    I’m giving shots- what size needle should I use?

See chart below:

Classification Gauge Length
Baby Pig 18 or 20 5/8” or ½”
Nursery 16 or 18 ¾” or 5/8”
Finisher      16        1”
Breeding 14 or 16 1” or 1 ½”


5.)    What are products that should NOT be given to pregnant animals (might cause abortions)?  I Answer: need to confirm


6.)    Why can’t I receive frozen vaccine on Monday? 

Answer: The extreme temperature requirement of frozen vaccine (-70 degrees), requires it to be shipped over night to ensure effectiveness.

7.)    How much water do my pigs drink a day? 

Answer: As a rule of thumb, pigs drink 1/100th of their weight daily.  For example: a 100lb pig should drink approx. 1 gal of water per day.

To calculate how much stock solution a group will drink:

# of head in barn  x  gallons per day per animal (1/100th of weight)= total gallons of water consumed in 1 day

To convert to total gallons of medicated stock:

Total gallons of water consumed in 1 day / 128 (the concentration most medicators are preset to dose at)= total gallons of stock solution to run through medicator per day


Pipestone Veterinary Services doesn’t just provide you the products you need, but our experienced sales team is only a call a way to answer any of your product questions.  You can reach the swine sales team at 507.825.4211 or