Swine Nutritionist Joins Pipestone Grow Finish Team

jon dejongThe Pipestone Grow Finish team has added a second nutritionist to provide additional resources, research and nutritional services to Pipestone Management shareholders and individual clients.  Jon De Jong joined Pipestone Grow Finish earlier this year and will be working with nutritionist Casey Neill.

Jon is a native of Orange City, Iowa, where he grew up on family farm that raised crops and nursery pigs.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in animal science from South Dakota State University, then studied swine nutrition at Kansas State University where he earned a masters degree and completed his PhD program in December 2015.

“We’re excited to add Jon to the team.  He brings top-notch research background and experience that will benefit shareholders and their operations,” said Dr. Barry Kerkaert.  “He also brings great people skills and enthusiasm to working with producers and feed mill operators.”

De Jong’s primary research focus has been on feed processing technologies and how feed quality can impact growing and finishing pigs, and he looks forward to bringing that experience to Pipestone.  One of his primary roles will be to work with feed mills that serve Pipestone shareholders.

“Pipestone shareholders and clients receive feed from about 60 individual feed mills, so there is a lot of opportunity to work with each of those mills to ensure processes are in place for the best quality feed product,” said DeJong.

He will be responsible for managing nutritional research programs conducted at the new Grow Finish Research barn. The 2,400 head wean-to-finish research barn located near Edgerton, Minnesota, is Pipestone’s first facility focused solely on conducting nutrition research with nursery and finisher pigs.

De Jong will also work with Neill to formulate diets for Grow Finish pigs.

“Since Casey started as the first swine nutritionist, we’ve seen tremendous interest by Pipestone Management shareholders and others to tap into his expertise,” said Dr. Kerkaert.  “Bringing Jon onto the team will allow us to meet that additional demand and expand the nutritional research that we are able to do.”

Jon, his wife Karis, and their four-month-old son Brooks, live in Luverne, Minnesota.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to work with a growing company and to continue conducting research that will benefit producers,” said DeJong.

Jon is also a strong supporter of SDSU and great to have someone from the area added to the team, said Dr. Kerkaert.

Jon De Jong can be reached at jdejong@pipevet.com.