Pipestone Welcomes Bethany Clinic to the Team

Pipestone Veterinary Services is excited to announce the addition of Bethany Swine Health Services.  The acquisition made in April of 2017 will bring Pipestone Veterinary Services to five clinic locations with 34 veterinarians on staff.

Pipestone’s veterinarian Dr. Adam Schelkopf’s family has successfully operated the Bethany Animal Hospital for more than 40 years.  Dr.’s Mike and Charles Schelkopf, brothers and graduates of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine have managed the practice together.  “The addition of Bethany to Pipestone Veterinary Services will expand and enhance the overall value proposition of the Pipestone service offerings, for the benefit of its current and future independent livestock production clients throughout the Midwest.” stated Dr. Adam Schelkopf.5 locations

Like many Pipestone employees, Dr. Adam Schelkopf grew up around swine helping his dad on the farm and making occasional trips to visit swine clients.  “My dad [Dr. Charles Schelkopf] has always had a passion for working with livestock and helping family farmers. Working at Pipestone as a swine veterinarian the last five years, I’ve been able to carry on that family tradition” stated Dr. Adam Schelkopf.    “Pipestone and Bethany are aligned in their commitment to “Helping the Farmers of Today Create the Farms of Tomorrow” which made the Bethany clinic a good fit with Pipestone.”

Bethany Swine Health Services has provided livestock producers with health and management services since 1960.  The two locations in Sycamore, IL and Rensselaer, IN are serviced by six swine veterinarians.  You can view their full bios on the website here.

Pipestone looks forward to the opportunity created through the addition of Bethany as a long-standing and successful service company.