Core Values Award to Troy Woelber

Troy Woelber has been recognized as the David Neuberger II Core Values Award winner for 2013. The award seeks to extend the legacy of David Neuberger II and is given annually to an individual who best exhibits the core values of Pipestone Management (Integrity, Caring, Commitment, Growth, and Teamwork) in all aspects of work, family, and community.

Troy Woelber is currently Director of sow operations, having worked 16 years for the system in the positions of farm manager, production supervisor, and production manager.

Commitment, Growth and Teamwork – Those who nominated Troy say he has never forgotten his roots. He regularly refers to when he was a farm manager—teaching people what they needed to know to enable them to run the farm effectively, increase profitability, and prepare themselves for future career opportunities.

Troy has high expectations, but he never asks others to give more than he gives himself. In his current position as director of sow operations, he continues to teach and influence others. Many will tell you that they’ve learned more from Troy than anyone else.

Integrity and Caring – In his family and in the community, as in his work life, Troy readily accepts leadership roles. He spends hours of his personal time volunteering, helping others develop, and sometimes just listening when someone needs to talk.

Troy received the award from Drs. Gordon Spronk and Luke Minion at the spring All-Farm meeting in Sioux Falls on Monday, May 6. At first, he was speechless. “I had no idea that I was getting the award,” Troy said some time later. “I’ve been trying to develop and grow individuals with accountability for exhibiting our core values—and the acknowledgement that these values have been seen in me is very humbling.”

To future generations of Pipestone Management employees watching and wondering if he or she will ever be recognized, Troy says, “Anyone in the Pipestone Management who commits themselves to something higher and bigger than their own small world has the opportunity to make a difference.”