A Team of Experts at Your Sow Farm

“An advantage of the Pipestone Management is that everyone — veterinarians, production staff, the research team, maintenance team, transportation team — all work for the same company,” said Dr. Barry Kerkaert, Vice President of Pipestone Management.   “As a result, we have more internal accountability and the experts in each of these service groups are focused on shared goals to serve and satisfy the needs of our shareholders.”

With Pipestone Management, it means you have a team of experts managing your sow farm and assets.  Here are ten areas of expertise that the Pipestone Management brings to the sow farm.

  1. A production team including supervisors, barn managers, farrowing leads, gestation leads, filter compliance technicians, and swine technicians are all part of our world-class production team.
  2. Training is dedicated to the development of a professional management structure to train employees for the barns in order to provide consistent animal care and management in all barns, as well as providing a pipeline for future supervisors and managers.
  3. Human Resources provides recruiting services to keep the sow farm fully staffed at all times, in addition to providing payroll and benefits.
  4. A Pipestone Veterinarian works closely with the owners, barn manager and team on herd health programs, and valuable diagnostics.
  5. Pipestone Nutritionists formulate diets based on all the pigs needs independent of stage of life to improve the biological performance and overall sustainability of the operation.
  6. The Information Bureau provides recordkeeping services and reports that drive the decision-making process’.
  7. A Repairs and Maintenance team keep your assets properly maintained and conduct ongoing audits to detect issues before they arise.
  8. Transport provides bio-secure transport services from sow farm to nursery ensuring pigs arrive safely and in excellent health by preventing disease transmission.
  9. Pipestone Applied Research conducts research on a variety of topics including air filtration, genetics, health products, and production practices, arming veterinarians and production staff with data to make better decisions.
  10. Accounting and finance team provides timely and accurate financial reporting. In addition, they build budgets for operations and provide projections for existing and new projects

“The entire Pipestone Management team is committed to our shareholders – not just today, but well into the future,” he said.  “Reminding ourselves of our mission to ‘help farmers today create the farms of tomorrow,’ keeps us grounded and motivated.  We take our commitment to helping our shareholders prepare for the future very seriously.”

More than 1000 team members and more than 30 years of managing sow farms provide significant benefits to independent pork producers who work with the Pipestone Management.  For questions on Pipestone Management and their sow farm management services, contact us at (507) 825-2532.



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