2017 Dave Neuberger II Core Values Award Winner

On May 23rd, 2017 all farm employees met for the semiannual meeting for the afternoon at four different locations to cover: production highlights, gilt productivity and animal welfare and biosecurity review. One of the highlights of the meeting Pipestone Management presents one individual with the Dave Neuberger II Award.

This award is presented annually in memory of David Neuberger II. This year’s award was presented by Dr. Cameron Schmitt to Dr. Bryan Myers.

“On behalf of the entire Pipestone Management team, we are pleased to present you with the annual David Neuberger II Core Values Award. This award is given to individual’s best exhibiting the Core Values of the Pipestone Management (Integrity, Caring, Commitment, Growth, and Teamwork) in all aspects of work, family and community.

You have been successful within the Pipestone Management since beginning your career with us in 2009 as a veterinarian leading several farms and employees in successful health and production.  Additionally, you have developed many other leaders in our system and embody our core values in all your leadership and daily interactions with staff, clients, and vendors.

We appreciate what have done for our company in the past several years and the future of the pork industry.  We are so happy and proud to present this award to you, please take the time to enjoy the moment!”

“I was very touched and honored to receive this award.  I don’t feel that I do anything special or better than anyone else in our company.  I am just honored to work for a company that has our core values.” – Dr. Bryan Myers


Pictured is (L) Dr. Camerson Schmitt, (R) Dr. Bryan Myers
Pictured is (L) Dr. Camerson Schmitt, (R) Dr. Bryan Myers