Three Cheers for Hernan

Meet Hernan Altunar Altunar, Farm Manager at Liberty Livestock, who recently obtained his Permanent Resident Visa from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Achieving this milestone wasn’t easy—Hernan persevered for five years. With the unwavering support of colleagues like Nicole Paulsen, Alexandra Larios, and Joe Hadley, his dream is now a reality.

As Hernan continues his journey with PIPESTONE, he remains grateful for the opportunities provided and looks forward to setting new goals for himself and his family.


Get to know Hernan:

  • He hails from the countryside of Chiapas, Mexico.
  • Hernan starts each day with good music over breakfast, prioritizes family time, and enjoys reading whenever he can.
  • He was in the second group of TN hires, arriving in 2015. He had prior experience with the TN Visa program which made for a smooth transition. Nicole Paulsen shares, “We [PIPESTONE] didn’t know much about the TN process at that time, so we learned together!”
  • Throughout his career with PIPESTONE, he gained experience working at farms like Mustang and developed himself into a farm manager, now leading the team at Liberty.
  • One of his favorite things about PIPESTONE is the core values, he works hard to embrace them both professionally and personally.
  • He celebrated this significant achievement with a family dinner, alongside his wife, son (age 11), and daughter (age 7), who are also working toward their Permanent Visas.
  • His advice to others navigating the Visa process: “It’s a long journey, stay patient and save up for those consulate appointments.”


Cheers to you, Hernan!