SwineTime Podcast Episode 39: Can We Eliminate Mycoplasma?

In this episode of SwineTime, Dr. Spencer Wayne talks all things Mycoplasma with fellow PIPESTONE Veterinarian, Dr. Emily McDowell. Emily has been with PIPESTONE for 9 years and has a special interest in Mycoplasma. Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae is a bacterial pathogen that has been an industry concern for over 50 years. It generally originates at the sow farm level and is a vertical disease meaning it’s transferred from sow to piglet.

Emily continues to research Mycoplasma in hopes of increasing the success of elimination from sow herds. She has given presentations to inform those in the swine industry of how it spreads, and the cost associated with it. Hear about all of this and more in this episode of SwineTime!

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