SwineTime Podcast Episode 37: Safety

Safety is the number one priority at PIPESTONE. On this episode of SwineTime Podcast, host, Dr. Spencer Wayne, chats with Josh Pawson, PIPESTONE’s safety director. Josh takes us through his personal journey to being a safety director and explains what a day in his role looks like.

Prepare your farm for an OSHA inspection, take small steps to ensure safety every day, hear about injuries Josh has experienced and learn more about safety at PIPESTONE! Tune in for these topics and more in this 37th episode of SwineTime.

PIPESTONE’s mission is “Helping Farmers Today Create the Farms of Tomorrow.” The SwineTime podcast was created for pig farmers and individual pork producers around the country. Hosted by Dr. Wayne, the podcast contains pork industry news, advancements in animal care and how to enhance your productivity.

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