SwineTime Podcast Episode 29: Wholestone Farms with CEO, Scott Webb

In this episode of SwineTime Podcast, host, Dr. Spencer Wayne, visits with Wholestone Farms CEO, Scott Webb. Scott’s background in agriculture has given him experience working with both crop and livestock farmers; a feat which has proven its significance in his current role. Wholestone Farms is a producer-owned packing plant located in Fremont, Nebraska. Their mission stands to provide customers with quality pork products they can trust and a culture that fosters innovation and opportunity.

The culture and dedication found at Wholestone sets them apart from competitors. Not only do they have a responsibility to the many faces who show up to work every day, but to the consumers purchasing their products to feed their families. Wholestone has a goal to be the most sustainable, transparent and traceable packing plant. With the help of their 200 producer owners, they have control over everything from the crops in the field to the product that gets boxed and sold, making this a very attainable goal.

Looking to the future, Wholestone Farms has secured land in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to break ground on a new plant in the spring of 2023. With this new location, they will be able to process a grand total of 9 million pigs, service many more farmers and put food on many more plates nationwide, all while staying committed to their vision of bringing the consumer closer to the farmer. Tune in to hear more about Wholestone, their work environment and their plans for the coming years.

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