Episode #48: Pigs to People with Dr. Taylor

In this episode of SwineTime, host, Dr. Spencer Wayne, is joined by Dr. Taylor Spronk to talk about the pig promotion activities happening at PIPESTONE.  Dr. Taylor discusses the 9 county and state fairs that PIPESTONE supports with exhibits and live sows across Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa.  Additionally, she describes the Discovery Barn, championed by PIPESTONE’s own Sylvia Wolters, which is an agricultural experience at the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls, SD.

The pair chat about interacting with the public and sharing information about pig farming at these types of events. Dr. Taylor also addresses biosecurity concerns that arise when going to a fair and steps we can all take to mitigate the health risk to commercial herds.


(For more great tips on how to talk to the public about agriculture, check out a previous podcast – “What You Say Matters” with guest Sylvia Wolters.)

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