Episode #46: Support & Solutions with FarmTeam

In this episode of SwineTime, host, Dr. Spencer Wayne, sits down with Dan Hanson and Giovanna Penuelas to discuss FarmTeam, a service offering of Pipestone Business. FarmTeam utilizes the human resource expertise of PIPESTONE to provide independent pork producers access to qualified farm employees for grow/finish teams.

From a producer’s perspective, Hanson, the Director of FarmTeam, highlights the benefits for producers and the steps taken by FarmTeam to ensure a successful experience for both parties. From a team member’s perspective, Penuelas, FarmTeam Coordinator, shares some common challenges a TN will face when moving to the U.S. and how she supports their transition. Tune in to learn more!

 PIPESTONE’s mission is “Helping Farmers Today Create the Farms of Tomorrow.” The SwineTime podcast was created for pig farmers and individual pork producers around the country. Hosted by Dr. Wayne, the podcast contains pork industry news, advancements in animal care, and how to enhance your productivity.

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