Ep. #56: Impacting Producers through Diagnostics

In this episode of the SwineTime podcast, host Dr. Spencer Wayne interviews Dr. Darin Madson, a diagnostician at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Iowa State University. Dr. Madson shares his background in swine production, veterinary school, and his journey to becoming a diagnostic pathologist. The conversation covers the expansion of the diagnostic lab at Iowa State, new technologies in diagnostics, and specific tests like next-generation sequencing and RNA scope.

Dr. Madson highlights the significance of the new diagnostic lab at Iowa State, which is expected to be one of the newest and most advanced labs in the United States. The discussion also touches on the cost of diagnostics for producers, the value of next-gen sequencing, and the importance of interpreting findings in correlation with clinical information.

This episode explores RNA scope technology and its application in understanding the significance of pathogens. Drs. Wayne and Madson emphasize the importance of careful interpretation, as the detection of a pathogen doesn’t necessarily imply causation or correlation with clinical symptoms. The pair conclude with advice for producers including a reminder for robust biosecurity measures during cold months.

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