Big Stone Marketing

Big Stone Marketing is helping pig farmers by providing resources and expertise in Marketing.

Big Stone Marketing provides unsurpassed hog marketing services for independent pork producers that resultin improving their bottom line and remaining competitive in today’s volatile market environments.

Big Stone Marketing works to create win-win relationships between pork producers and pork processors which creates a more seamless and coordinated supply chain for the food industry.

Let Big Stone Marketing be your partner and put our unparalleled knowledge and experience to work for you.

Improved Pricing

Big Stone Marketing currently markets over 2 million head of hogs annually for 250 producers. Being a customer of Big Stone Marketing means that we all work together to be a part of a larger marketing effort to utilize size and scale to improve pricing.

Easy Scheduling

We make scheduling your marketing loads easy! Schedule loads on all of your contracts by calling our logistic specialists.

Risk Management

Big Stone Marketing offers forward pricing contracts where the producer gets to choose from actual or fixed basis. Big Stone Marketing also handles the margin call obligations.