Our 2021 Sustainability Report Includes:

Antibiotic Use Standards

Responsible use is a critical component to improving the health and wellbeing of the animals we care for. Our PART program provides the tools for farmers and veterinarians to record, review, and respond to antibiotic use.

Animal Care

We at PIPESTONE hold animal care to a high level. Happy, healthy pigs are keys to success on all fronts.


In support of our Core Values of integrity, caring, commitment, growth and teamwork, employee safety is our top priority.

Carbon Footprint

As stewards of our farms carbon footprint, we know the top three contributors are Feed, Manure and Energy. In 2021, we focused our efforts on project that would lower our carbon footprint in each of these hotspots.


Caring in the communities we touch is a focus. PIPESTONE has a long history of collaborating to provide opportunities for community engagement.


In 2021, we began working with our sow farm’s local utility companies Renewable Energy Credit Programs. As a result of these partnerships, in 2021, 50.5% of our energy came from renewable resources.

Together, we can be the best farmers on the planet, for the planet.

2021 PIPESTONE Sustainability Report

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