YellowStone - Sioux Falls, SD - May 4th, 2022

Join us on May 4th, 2022 in Sioux Falls, SD to learn more about YellowStone Cattle and GreenStone Farms hosted by PIPESTONE.

Schedule of events

8:30AM- YellowStone Registration

9:30AM- YellowStone Meeting

11:30AM-1PM- Lunch/GreenStone Registration

1PM- GreenStone Meeting

*Please note, you are able to attend one or both meetings. Please RSVP accordingly below.

Denny Sanford

Pipestone Holdings is offering cattle owners investment in YellowStone Cattle 1, LLC. YellowStone Cattle is designed to create and capture value in the beef supply chain for cattle owners.

Don’t miss your opportunity to consider this investment. 

This meeting is informational, with no obligation to participate. Meeting attendance will require a non-disclosure agreement.

PIPESTONE is offering an additional farmer ownership opportunity. Join us to learn more about GreenStone Farms.

Thousands of companies have set voluntary emission reduction targets to help combat the “climate crisis”. Companies unable to reduce emissions enough may buy “carbon credits” to offset their emissions and realize long-term climate goals.

GreenStone is an ownership investment offering facilitated by PIPESTONE to create and capture value for farmers in the U.S. carbon market.