Pipestone Partners Trip 2022


PIPESTONE- Partners Trip

June 16th – 19th, 2022

Explore Iceland

Pre-Trip Video

Book Your Tickets

Call or email Rosa Hadrick at All About Travel in Sioux Falls.


Email: rosa@allabouttravel.org

Phone: 605.339.8911



Pipestone Holdings will cover the cost of 1 coach ticket per partner. Spouse tickets and seat upgrades are not covered. Rosa can split out costs and re-bill you through Pipestone Holdings. 


Secure Your Passports

Passports cannot be within 3 months of expiration.

Turn around time for new passports is 8-11 weeks.

Renew passports HERE.


About Our Journey

Activities in Iceland

Iceland Pork

Things to Eat in Iceland

History and Geography


Letters from the Group

Photos from Iceland