Pipestone Journal

Pipestone Journal

The Pipestone Journal is the premier pork print journal featuring and serving producers just like you.

The challenges and speed of business that independent producers face today are different than the generations before them. By utilizing Pipestone’s world-renowned resources and expertise, we can work together to create the farms of tomorrow.

The Pipestone Journal provides top-notch, timely information in the areas of Health, Management, Nutrition, Marketing and Business.

Released quarterly in January, April, July and October.

Winter 2023 Issue


Economic sustainability is a cruical topic on the minds of pig farmers across the World, especially when faced with the dynamic changes in the market. The Winter 2023 edition of the PIPESTONE Journal provides a glimpse in economic sustainability in the areas of health, nutrition, marketing and business.

The Journal is kicked off by Dr. Joel Nerem, Chief Veterinary Officer, and Dr. Adam Schelkopf, Health Director, as they discuss what they believe to be the most high priority topic in swine health today, the cost of disease. But that is just the beginning. Dive deep into all things profitability with articles on risk management, ingredient purchase price, and feed mill ownership. On page 16, Damon Vander Maten, Director of FarmBooks, breaks down profitability and financial sustainability utilizing key financial report references.

Fall 2022 Issue


America’s pig farmers stand out in today’s culture for their ability to make decisions that impact the environment, pigs & people. Here at PIPESTONE, we work to match that passion and seek to continuously improve how we care for our pigs, people and planet. In this issue of the PIPESTONE Journal, our team focused on content specifically geared toward sustainability. From the do’s and don’ts of manure management (page 14), to the importance of biosecurity in wean-to-market barns (page 12), we are excited to provide you tools and resources on a variety of avenues.

Summer 2022 Issue

The Building Blocks of Pig Care

As a kid, colorful blocks are put together when building a tower or building. Each block is necessary to maintain the structure design and finalize the finished product. We may not be building a fun colorful tower anymore, but rather a successful business and healthy pig farm. Animal welfare, biosecurity, a secure feed source, a safe water source, well maintained ventilation, and I can go on — all building blocks necessary to establishing pig care on farm. Separately we look at each aspect of pig care (or building block), but together, it builds upon effective pig care. Join us for this issue as we will dig deep into each ”building block” of pig care, so that you too can build and maintain an effective pig farm!

Spring 2022 Issue

Data Driven Decisions

Data. Data reporting. Data analyzing. We live in a world of data, with data analysis right at our fingertips. Although it often feels overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Here at PIPESTONE, and in the pork industry, reporting and understanding data is a valuable tool for ensuring your farm is profitable, efficient, and vital to drive your farm into the next generation.

Throughout this Spring issue of the PIPESTONE journal, key data managers will provide you with both valuable tools, as well as insights and helpful methods to ensure you understand and can apply your data results directly to the success of your farm.

Winter 2022 Issue

Global Experience

Pork production is a global endeavor, and PIPESTONE is not a rookie to the global market. With sow farm management in the United States, Mexico, and China, as well as research touch points in multiple other countries, PIPESTONE is global. In this January issue of the PIPESTONE Journal, team members share the value of being involved in a global market, and share tips and insight gained from global experience for the benefit of the family farmer in the United States. Throughout the next 44 pages, you will learn from team members about PIPESTONE’s involvement globally in veterinary services, management, nutrition, markets, business and research.

Furthermore, this global issue contains knowledge, insight, and tips to serve as a guide through the potential risk of an emergence of a Foreign Animal Disease, particularly African Swine Fever, into the United States.

Fall 2021 Issue

Responsible Antibiotic Use

Welcome to the one-year anniversary edition of the PIPESTONE Journal, featuring responsible antibiotic use. The first PIPESTONE Journal was released in October of 2020 in an effort to provide farmers, just like you, with the timely tools and information needed to be successful in today’s competitive market.

We are pleased to share this timely topic of responsible antibiotic use with you, on behalf of the PIPESTONE team. Throughout the Journal, you will find tips and tricks to practice responsible antibiotic use on farm, statistics and data research from the Pipestone Antibiotic Resistance Tracker (PART) and the IMAGINE project, a producer story highlighting their journey of practicing responsible antibiotic use on farm, and more!