Our Family Scholarship

PIPESTONE Our Family Scholarship

Employee Voting

PIPESTONE’s Our Family Scholarship program will be giving five $2,500 scholarships.

Who can apply: PIPESTONE team members AND any spouses or children of full-time
employees whom are attending college in the fall. The applicant must be attending college for an agriculture degree or supporting degree.
How to apply: Applicants will film a 5-minute video on how the core values of PIPESTONE are portrayed in their lives. See full application details here: pipestone.com/scholarships
Share Your Vote: We are asking for all PIPESTONE team members help on choosing the scholarship recipients. Applicants’ videos are below and each PIPESTONE team member can place 1 vote for who should receive a scholarship. The top 5 applicants with the most votes will receive a scholarship!

Voting will begin on May 7th and end on May 21st.

Name: Abigail Hopp

School: Texas Tech University

Major: Masters in Mass Communications

Bio: Abigail grew up on a dairy farm and now works for PIPESTONE as the Marketing Coordinator. She is currently in the works to get her master’s degree to help strengthen her expertise and continue learning so that she can help better the future of agriculture through marketing and communications.



Name: Britney Hershey

School: Hawkeye Community College

Major: Animal Science

Bio: Britney grew up on her family’s diverse animal farm. She was very involved with FFA and 4H with showing livestock at different county fairs and helping out in the community. While in high school, Britney worked part-time at one of PIPESTONE’s sow farms. After school, Britney would like to stay in the agriculture industry and continue to learn more about how to better livestock with their feed diets.



Name: Brooklyn DeKam

School: University of Northwestern-St Paul

Major: Marketing with an emphasis on data analytics

Bio: Brooklyn grew up in Edgerton, MN, and has been a PIPESTONE intern in the past. Brooklyn stays very active in college with part-time jobs and playing college basketball in the winter. Her plans after college are to eventually start her own marketing focus data analytics company and work with different customers.



Name: Hannah Berg

School: South Dakota State University

Major: Dairy Manufacturing with minors in Food Safety, Meat Science, and Management

Bio: Hannah grew up on her family’s farm outside of Pipestone, MN. After graduation, Hannah plans to work in the quality insurance department at a food company while still being very active in the community around her. She plans to continue to be an advocate for the food industry and farmers since she understands the whole farm to fork process firsthand.



Name: Jacob Morgan

School: North Dakota State University

Major: Journalism

Bio: Jacob grew up in Pipestone, MN, and currently goes to school in North Dakota. Jacob plans to go into the journalism field and tell the stories of farmers and people in the community.



Name: Jayden Wolf

School: South Dakota State University

Major: Business Economics with an Entrepreneurship minor

Bio: Jayden is currently a part-time employee at Pipestone Management while also attending school. After school, Jayden would like to use his degree as a Sales Manager or Operations Manager.



Name: Trustyn Wolf

School: South Dakota State University

Major: Operations Management with an Engineering Management minor

Bio: After graduation, Trustyn plans to jump into the workforce in manufacturing and production. He is committed to teamwork not only at school but also in the workplace.