Driving Force Show Pig

Driving Force is the official show pig brand of PIPESTONE, working to provide show pig breeders and showmen with the necessary products and resources to raise champions. Success is totally dependent on your drive. That is why we at Driving Force provide high-quality products to help you get there. Simply order our kits securely online and receive a quick and easy delivery from our bio-secure warehouse.  Now all you need to do is drive forward and not look back.

About Our Kits



This breeding kit comes with items needed to breed your show sow including:

  • Swine Mate
  • Catheters
  • Priority Care Lube Jelly
  • Large Nitrile Un-powdered Gloves
  • Safeguard Mini Pellets 0.5%



The Pre-Farrow Kit contains items to help prepare for the farrowing process including:

  • Flusure XP/Farrow Gold
  • Fostera Gold PCV MH
  • Fostera PRRS
  • Litter Guard
  • Arbocel R
  • Chlorhexi Lube
  • O.B. Sleeves



The production kit is stocked with items needed after farrowing for both mom and piglets including:

  • Fostera Gold PCV MH 50 DS
  • Fostera PRRS 50 DS
  • Porcillis Ileitis 50 DS
  • Flusure XP/Er Bac Plus 50 DS
  • Dectomax 100cc

Shop Other Show Essentials

Also available on pipevet.com are individually sold items to get you ready for the show ring including:

  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Ear Notchers
  • Hog Catchers
  • Taggers
  • Plastic booties
  • Feed Pans
  • Coveralls
  • Traffic Cop Disinfectant
  • Ag Forte
  • Safeguard
  • Heat Lamps/Bulbs
  • Agita 10
  • Compression Sprayers
  • Brooms/Shovels
  • BlueLite
  • BALANCE Stress & Dehydration Aid
  • Hoses
  • Nozzles
  • Feed Scoop
  • Hydro Foamers
  • Sort Panels