Community- International Charities

International Charities

One of the core values we live by at PIPESTONE is Caring. Caring means caring for our team members, animals and communities. Our charitable efforts aim to make a difference in the lives of our local and global communities. 

Gifts for Good

Similar to our local programs, our international efforts focus on helping Kids and Hunger. In 2020, we launched a campaign called Gifts for Good. We identified five different projects in four countries aimed at donating just that. Gifts for Good gave PIPESTONE team members the opportunity to make a donation and have it matched by PIPESTONE. The goal was to raise $200,000 in 30 days and fund all five projects. The response we got was overwhelming. With $100,000 donated from the PIPESTONE team and another $100,000 to match from PIPESTONE, we were able to fully fund all the beneficial projects listed below. 

  • Built a new dining hall at Adams Thermal Foundation in Ethiopia.
  • Funded a self-help chicken and egg training facility to help the Adams Thermal Foundation generate income, learn business skills and provide protein to their members.
  • Built adult literacy buildings where people can gather for class or worship at India Evangelical Team.
  • Dug clean water wells at the India Evangelical Team.
  • Helped provide nutrient filled food to over 300 local families at Tapestries of Life in Mexico. 
  • Funded part of the elevators in the House of Gems orphanage for the handicap children at Tapestries of Life in Mexico. 
  • Upgraded chicken brooder house at New Roots, Haiti.
  • Built a new community center at New Roots, Haiti.
  • Helped the Lagossett Christian School at Children of the Promise in Haiti with their nutrition program by providing breakfast and lunch.

Through Gifts for Good, PIPESTONE and our team supported a dining hall in Ethiopia, literacy buildings in India, chicken facilities in Haiti, an elevator to assist handicap children in Mexico and nutrition programs across the board. It is difficult to imagine the impact Gifts for Good has made- but we are grateful to share a little with you. 

Tapestries of Life 2021

Where: Guadalupe, Mexico

Mercy Ministry Days: Handing out nutrient filled food to more than 300 families with enough food for a week.

Clothing for new orphans: Providing clothing to dress 200+ kids who have been welcomed to their new home when it is opened potentially in December.


Adams Thermal Foundation 2021

Where: Ethiopia, Africa

Student Nutrition Program ($25,000): Our feeding program for students keeps them in school long-term and ensures their on-going physical development. Without a feeding program, our drop-out rate would be much higher and students would tend to withdraw from school as they become older and better able to contribute to the livelihood of the family. Adams Thermal Academies feed 1,280 at-risk students from K-12th grade.

Self-Help Chicken/Egg Training Facility ($25,000): Poultry provides an opportunity for mothers to become skilled in chicken and egg production, supplementing the household income and increasing the likelihood that the generational poverty cycle can be broken. These groups will spend time in the Adams Thermal Foundation poultry training facility located directly adjacent to the school. The eggs produced are sold back to the school as a protein source and mothers gain confidence and skills to leave the training facility and start their own flock. Adams Thermal Foundation is currently seeking a land donation from the city of Hosanna to construct the training facility. Funds are needed to begin construction of the training facility as soon as the land donation is complete.

India Evangelical Team 2021

Where: New Delhi, India

Widow Care ($25,000): We need about $40,000 to provide care for the widows in our Team. This will help them to be taken care of for this year. We also want to provide ten of the poorest with seed money to enable them to set up a business or build a small home or something that will enable them to take care of themselves in the long run.

Online Education Devices ($25,000): The children in our orphanage need cell phones to be able to do their online education, as all classes are now virtual. Most of the children in our orphanage lost much of their studies last year because of the pandemic and unavailability of devices to participate in online education. As the pandemic continues we need to equip them with devices to be able to do online education during the day. The devices will stay with the dorm parent.

New Roots Haiti 2021

Where: Haiti

Farm Upgrades (Shop, Soybean Roaster and Wells) ($29,000): Last year we built a new brooder house and this year we are repurposing the old brooder house. There are several changes we want to make in that building, including upgrading the office and importing our space for James and the corn, and Piyoup with the maintenance area. The second part of this is to purchase a machine to Roast the soybeans in order to be able to utilize them. We have spent 2021 doing two different seasons of testing and growing. By 2022, we hope to have soybeans ready for usage in the feed mill. We have found an electric roaster made in Michigan that will meet our needs. Starting in 2022, we hope to drill several wells for local farmers. By providing them access to water, we hope they will be able to diversify the crops they grow and increase their yields. Rebuilding the office, shop and corn testing lab will account for $10,000. The soybean roaster and importing will account for $15,000. Well drilling and providing a group of farmers with an electric well, small generator and hoses will account for $4,00.


Children of the Promise

Where: Haiti

Nutrition Support ($25,000): For families who come to us with a malnourished child or infant, we offer nutritional support in the form of formula (0-12 months) or Medika Mamba (1-5 years). Families attend a session every other week while they journey toward wellness. Each session includes education, a medical consultation, community interaction (with other families in a similar spot) and spiritual encouragement. There are also families in our Special Needs Outreach Program who access this nutritional support as well. This program targets in-crisis and at-risk families who have a child with special needs. In addition to the above supports, this program also provides appropriate therapy to each child.