FarmStats: Production Records & Decision Optimization

Production Records and Decision Optimization

What We Do

FarmStats uses the MetaFarms platform to provide you with a powerful grow/finish production records system capable of providing fast and accurate results from large volumes of data. The FarmStats team gives you the flexibility to determine how involved you want to be in the day-to-day management of your production records.   Our Pipestone managed service will record your pig group activities and actively manage the integrity of your grow/finish data. Our producer-managed option relies on your team to be in charge of data entry. As you may expect, the cost is lower if your team has the desire to manage the data entry.   Once the data has been entered, FarmStats enhances the value of your production records experience with online benchmark reports and business optimization tools. At PIPESTONE, we aim to provide you with real-time data to make decisions that will improve your bottom line.

Benefits & Value


Utilize our biological performance benchmark to compare key performance index’s, pinpointing areas of opportunity and enhancing competitive advantage.

Production Data

Real-time data release of KPI’s relative to your operation.


Informed decision making based on fast and accurate reporting from large volumes of data.

How It Works

FarmStats offers two streamlined options tailored to suit your preferences and needs:

  • Pipestone Managed Option: Leave data entry to the FarmStats team. We handle everything from start-up barn books, mortality tracking, feed entry, market sale entry and animal health expenses, providing you with a full biological and financial closeout summary on a per group basis. We then analyze performance within our Pipestone benchmark that encompasses +4million pigs and over 100 independent producers.
  • Producer Managed Option: Take control of your data entry with our guidance. We train you to input data into our data base, empowering you to manage feed ordering, flow and biological closeouts. At group closeout process we aid in making sure data entry points are accurate and appropriately placed. We then help you navigate our Pipestone benchmark.

At FarmStats, we’re committed to identifying areas of opportunity within your operation and providing real time data analysis and reporting to help producers navigate seasonal changes and industry needs. Join us today and experience the transformative power of real time data analysis to provide a competitive advantage to your bottom line.

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Join Dr. Spencer Wayne in conversation on swine genetics with experts Carrie Pollard, FarmStats Senior Analyst with Pipestone Business and Erin Little, Director of Research Operations for Pipestone Research. Carrie and Erin discuss how PIPESTONE is unlocking valuable insights into swine genetics for producers using both research and production data.




Turning Data into Information takes both Analysis and Perspective.

Data analysis is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information. However, without proper data analysis, you may draw the wrong conclusion.

Using KPI’s to Understand the Impact of Production Decisions

Money. The driving factor at the end of the day to make sure bills are paid and food is on the table. Everything comes at a cost, especially change within your family farm operation.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Get Started in AgView

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