FarmStats: Production Records & Decision Optimization

FarmStats: Production Records and Decision Optimization

Our Team

Front Row: Jenna Meurer, Heidi Uilk, Gabryelle Gilliam, Stacy Ter Wee

Back Row: Emily Evans, Kendra Burchett, Angie Homann, Claire Monaghan, Tara Wheeler

What We Do

FarmStats uses the MetaFarms platform to provide you with a powerful grow/finish production records system capable of providing fast and accurate results from large volumes of data. The FarmStats team gives you the flexibility to determine how involved you want to be in the day-to-day management of your production records.


Our Pipestone managed service will record your pig group activities and actively manage the integrity of your grow/finish data. Our producer managed option relies on your team to be in charge of data entry. As you may expect, the cost is lower if your team has the desire to manage the data entry.


Once the data has been entered, FarmStats enhances the value of your production records experience with online benchmark reports and business optimization tools. At PIPESTONE, we aim to provide you with real time data to make decisions that will improve your bottom line.



Video Overview

FarmStats How-To with Gabryelle Gilliam: Navigating and Benchmarking Data.



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Hear from Kendra Burchett as she explains the benefits of understanding and determining KPI’s within your operation.


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