Pipestone Management David Neuberger II Core Values Award

Pipestone Management David Neuberger II Core Values Award

The Pipestone Management David Neuberger II Core Values Award will be given to individuals’ best exhibiting the core values of the Pipestone Management (Integrity, Caring, Commitment, Growth and Teamwork) in all aspects of work, family and community.

This award recognizes Pipestone Management staff whose specialized contributions to the Pipestone Management mission have made a significant, innovative and sustainable impact on the Pipestone Management companies and the clients served by those companies. This award will be given out yearly to one individual.

General qualifications for award nominees:

• Have at least five years experience in the Pipestone Management
• Be a current employee

Selection Process:

All nominations will be solicited by nomination committee and a selection made by the selection committee comprised of at least one individual from Pipestone Holdings Board of Directors.

The award recipient can be nominated by any Pipestone Management employee or the general public.

This nominee will be judged on the following criteria:

• Understanding and commitment to Pipestone Management Core Values
• Service to agriculture and the mission of the Pipestone Management
• Involvement in agriculture, teaching and continuing professional development

The winner will receive a $5000 award. For more information please contact Nicole Paulsen at 1.507.825.7939 or email at nicole.paulsen@pipestone.com or complete the Neuberger Award Application (deadline is October 1st, 2022).